Video is a great brand builder, but where do you start?


It’s no secret that people watch more video than read text online nowadays. And most savvy businesses are aware of the need to have a video on their website and as part of their marketing tool kit. But many businesses struggle to know what that video and the content should be. But while they are dithering around, their competitors are busy filming and posting their videos online which are helping to grow their business.
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Whatever you decide on it is vital that it fits with the brand and messages of your business and most importantly what your customers and potential customers want to see. So having content that is concise, engaging and relevant is more important than spending a fortune on something pretty that makes no sense to your customers!

Here are 3 easy steps that will help to get your creative ideas flowing –

  1. Look at competitors who are using video. What are they doing and how are they doing it? How successful is it being for them? Put on the shoes of their customer and consider whether the videos engage, inform or educate you. Then think what you can do better, different or more of.
  1. Look at your customers and how they engage with technology? What is their age and technological profile? How do they work online and what kind of content speaks to them? If you are not sure speak to some of your customers? Ask them what they would notice and be relevant and impactful to them?
  1. Consider what you have in your business as assets when it comes to content?
  • Do you have a visual product or service with plenty of opportunities to film and tell stories visually?
  • Do you have an interesting process that can be visualized?
  • Do you have people who would be great on camera?
  • Do you have a good story that can be told through the eyes of your customers?
  • Do you have available customers who can be featured or have customer storiesthat can be told using actors?
  • Are there any comical elements of ways that parody could be employed to create a video that goes viral?


All of these aspects would be considered by a good productioncompany and they would help you to come up with creative ideas that are relevant to your brand. So the best thing to do is speak to us at Capture1( a professional video company and get some ideas flowing ….trust me it will be exciting, fun and something to shout about!

So, contact us today on 01925 756700 or email us at en*******@ca******.uk for some expert advise.