Do a better bid presentation using Prezi….


You know Powerpoint. You’ve used it for years. You have a super important presentation coming up bidding for a new account. Why would you change and use a new presentation platform? Why? Because everyone else is still using Powerpoint! Everyone else will probably do the same formatted slides that you will do! And everyone else will be unremarkable, as you will be if you do the same as them!


Nowadays it’s not enough to do the same as everyone else and hope that makes you seem good enough. You need to stand out, be remarkable, be memorable, be the presentation that makes them WANT to work with you!


Ok, it’s a fair point that to achieve this you don’t have to use Prezi. You can achieve a fantastic presentation in Powerpoint if you know how to and you follow our fundamental rules of a great presentation! But what if you do this AND THEN ALSO create an additional wow factor – which is Prezi – you can’t fail to make an impression.


A client who commissioned us to do a Prezi presentation for a significant bid they were making, told us that the bid panel fed back to them that they were the only presenters who used Prezi and they were by far the most memorable with their presentation. Oh yes and they won the bid!


So why does Prezi give you that wow factor? 5 key reasons:


  1. It’s visual – a picture paints a thousand words – so instead of having a thousand words on your Powerpoint slide (some people do!!) your Prezi is a visual canvas and tells your audience more quickly, ore successfully and more memorably what you can do for them.


  1. It moves dynamically – yes you can overuse the zoom in, out and round and round (and cause your audience to feel rather seasick!) we recommend you don’t do this of course! But used properly the movement of Prezi ties images, messages and links together in a way that is more like a movie than a presentation – and people engage more in movie type content than anything else!


  1. You can start with a big picture, zoom into the detail and finish again with your big picture, creating a circular journey for your audience and making them remember your presentation and the main points.


  1. Video and audio embeds easily and plays fluidly


  1. You can create a video version which looks like an animated movie which you can leave them with and wow them further!


So, if you have an important business presentation coming up and would like to have impact, be memorable and add some wow factor, contact us today at Capture1 ( on 01925 756700 and we can create a fantastic and engaging Prezi presentation.