How To Use Whatsapp To Grow Your Business

How to use WhatsApp to grow your business

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If we told you we know a brilliant way you can connect with customers and grow your business that doesn’t require anyone to be online at obscene times of day, would you believe us?

That platform exists and you’re probably already using it every day. It’s called WhatsApp.

But it’s not the WhatsApp you use to text your family group, nor the WhatsApp small businesses use to promote their services. The WhatsApp we’re talking about is designed with bigger businesses in mind.

The all-singing all-dancing WhatsApp Business platform allows organisations like yours to automate conversations, engage audiences, build relationships and create interactions that lead directly to sales.

Differences between the business app and business platform

Facebook (now Meta) introduced WhatsApp Business in 2018, four years after acquiring the messaging platform. The business app quickly became popular amongst sole traders and small businesses. It allowed them to chat with individuals, create group discussions and share business marketing information. While the business app has its benefits, the user still has to make an effort to seek out your business information.

The WhatsApp Business platform uses fascinating technology called Application Programming Interface (API). It gives businesses the tools to create intelligent conversations, engage customers and gather information, whilst providing valuable, relevant information in return. It’s one of the most versatile forms of automated communication around.    

Why is WhatsApp so effective at engaging people?

 WhatsApp has so much more to offer than group chats and video calls. The business platform allows you to create customer journeys that guide people to useful information and allow users to control how and when they receive it.

It supports business growth because your messages aren’t competing for attention with other emails and notifications. Bite-sized messages and immediate responses make recipients sit up and take notice.

It’s also popular amongst all types and ages of audience. A 2020 Audience Project study found WhatsApp to be themost important app for UK users. Almost a quarter of users said they couldn’t do without it. This figure increases in the 26-35 age group where 32% of UK users can’t do without it.

The WhatApp Business platform is designed to help businesses:

  • Get more customers
  • Generate enquiries
  • Sell event tickets
  • Create fun pre- and post-event experiences
  • Engage and interact with existing customers
  • Share special offers and promotions
  • Communicate with employees
  • Answer FAQs

It’s really easy to manage and create user journeys. Find out how to get WhatsApp Business working for you. Try a free demo here .

Using WhatsApp for conferences and events

 WhatsApp automation allows you to start a two-way conversation with your audience. Here’s an example for the conference and event industry to showcase the benefits.


Use the WhatsApp business platform to create tailored messages to gently guide delegates through their conference journey. From the minute a guest signs up to your event and opts in to receive messages, you can start the conversation and build excitement.     

During the event

Messaging during the event is possible too. These are just a handful of the possibilities:

  • Remind delegates to take a break
  • Provide lunch information
  • Send workshop / breakout reminders
  • Check on delegate wellbeing
  • Session starting time reminders
  • Submit questions for a live Q&A
  • Weather updates for outdoor events

Post event

It doesn’t stop there. After the event, you can create messaging flows to thank people for coming and ask for feedback. Keep the conversation going by sharing special offers, vouchers for future events, and useful resources.

The benefits of WhatsApp Business platform

 Automated messaging  is helping businesses world-wide to elevate the quality of their communications. It’s such a brilliant tool for building relationships and engaging with stakeholders, from employees to customers. Simple to set up, it’s secure and fully GDPR compliant (people can opt out of receiving messages at any time). There’s so much to love about WhatsApp, here are some of the top reasons why we think your business should get on board.

Create memorable experiences

Access a variety of tools to build personalised, memorable customer and employee experiences. Be helpful, intuitive, and make it easy for people to do business with you.

Engage internal audiences

Share important tasks and information with employees in a clear, engaging way. Deliver a newsletter, send rapid comms, or remind staff to take action on mandatory learning and deadlines.

Keep customers informed

Reduce time spent answering FAQs by creating messaging flows that send an immediate response. Send practical information, reminders, shipment notifications, appointment reminders and event details. Send push notifications to ask questions, provide added value and upsell.

Build a loyal customer base

Interaction leads to engagement, which in turn creates happy people. Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers. Happy employees are more productive and loyal. And what business doesn’t want those?

Showcase your fun side

No one really enjoys receiving bland corporate messages. With automated messaging flows you can be more human and inject brand personality into your communications. Run a competition or quiz, share videos, ask questions to learn what makes your audience tick.

Make messages memorable

WhatsApp Business makes messaging memorable. The best part of it is you don’t have to invest in building an app because the technology is already accessible. To explore how WhatsApp automations could help to grow your business, watch our webinar  or book a discovery call  for more ideas and inspiration.