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Do you want Creative Amazing Effective Successful marketing ideas for your event?

Whatever your event, we can help you with your event marketing and production; with over 20 years experience in the event space we can bring ideas, strategy, expertise, marketing and production support.

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Business event?

Conference, internal communications event, awards ceremony?

We can help you with…

  • Video for presentations
  • Animated introductions for awards
  • Slide deck production. Present with impact.
  • Event production and support
  • Event filming and photography
  • Live streaming

Consumer event?

Family event, festival or show?

We can help you with…

  • Social Media strategy that drives ticket sales

  • Post ticket sale engagement to increase customer spend and deliver a better visitor experience prior to the event.

  • Post event communications to result in feedback, customer satisfaction and future communications building customer loyalty and leading to repeat sales.

  • Media production expertise; including video, drone and photography to build an asset library that can be used again and again for future marketing.

  • Re-purposing this content and re-working for future events to be as cost effective as possible and get a return on the investment.

Do more with your event

digital marketing strategy
Do you know you want to do great things for your event but don’t know where to start?

Speak to us and we will help you to create and organise your ideas, choose the best channels, platforms and execution for your audience and create a strategy and plan that reaps results….whether your objective is to….

  • Sell more tickets
  • Sell more add-ons to ticket holders
  • Create an improved visitor experience
  • Provide an amazing event experience
  • Capture your event to be able to use in future promotions and marketing
  • Communicate after the event, gain valuable insights, feedback and convert visitors into raving fans.
Instant chat marketing
Are you looking for more efficient, cost effective and engaging ways to get more people to your events?
Are you responsible for efficient and effective communication with people attending your event?
Do you want to stand out with your event both during you event marketing and on the run up to the event for attendees and even the post event communication?
Then you need to be using something more than a standard ticket system and a confirmation email.

 If you are selling tickets through a ticket provider / platform, that’s great; we don’t provide your ticketing solution.  We can help you to get more engagement after they have purchased their ticket;

  • Better information results in a better customer experience.
  • Opportunities to upsell, cross sell and advise your customer about add on offers which they may be interested in.
  • Have easy access to event information and reduce calls into your team with regular questions.
  • Reminders and helpful information sent in a timely manner, in a way that is noticed and read (and not getting lost in email spam folders)
  • Providing your customer with trust in your brand and experience. If you provide this from before they even arrive at your event then they will be more likely to have a positive experience and become raving fans!

It's not about what you sayIt's about how youmake them feel

drone photography and video production
Use imagery in a way that not only captures, but engages, captivates and captures hearts and minds…

Want to capture the glory of your event to use as part of your marketing channels for next time?  We can help you to do just that. With over 20 + years experience of event filming, we have drone technology and expertise that means we can capture key moments and you can use these again and again.

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