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10 types of posts to use on facebook & instagram to turn followers into buyers

  • Are you tired of feeling like you just post on social media with little  return or results?
  • Do you want more control over communicating with your audience?
  • Would you like to be able to better engage, nurture and chat with potential and current customers? 

Download these ideas and strategies which will help you to do that.  And learn how to integrate powerful chat bot marketing strategies to get your posts to deliver sales for you

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Welcome to Capture 1

We have been helping clients with great video, presentations, events and digital content solutions for over 23 years.

We are a creative agency who specialise in helping our clients to communicate with impact using video, interactive media and chat bot marketing strategies that help you to engage, nurture and communicate better; whether with prospects, current customers, events visitors, staff, stakeholders and members  

Above all we love coming up with IDEAS and executing them for success! We are experts in creating digital content to convert your messages to the right people, using the right channel and the right methods to get maximum impact!

The tools we use to achieve this include video, filming, post-production, presentations, digital marketing content and chat bot marketing with WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram.

We are specialists in chat technology and using chat bots and chat marketing combined with digital media to communicate more effectively with customers, prospects, teams and event attendees.

We can help you to increase your impact, engagement and conversion through digital marketing, events and social media.

We also provide a consultancy service to provide ideas and plans for the execution of ideas which ensures success.

Whether it’s event filming, promotional video, social media content, presentation slides, animation, infographics, training film production and we have been creating media content that achieve results for our clients for over 22 years and so we know a thing or two about what works!!

If you are running an event for staff, customers or suppliers then we can help with presentations, video content and producing your event to be memorable and successful. Or if you want to run online broadcasts, webinars or workshops for staff, suppliers, customers or stakeholders then we have the technical and creative expertise to enable you to do this seamlessly.

Our clients really benefit from our vast experience and expertise and the length of time we have been working with clients is testimony to the experience we provide.

For over 23 years we have worked in most business sectors; so if you have a requirement for better digital communications, digital content, chat marketing, video or events then we’d love to help you! 

 You can expect high standards, a passion for your project, amazing creative ideas and dedication to your objectives. We will bring you years of experience and expertise in digital marketing, social media advertising, event technology and creative ways of making your project a success; as well as a friendly, fun approach that will make working together a pleasure”

Helen Nurse, Co-founder and Director of Ideas

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Head of Colleagues

“Hi Brett, thanks for another great filming day today. Really liking the ideas and footage you have been getting.”


Marketing Manager

“Really liked how you got everyone so relaxed and got done so much in that short filming time.”


Marketing Manager

“All the directors are really pleased with how the filming and LIVESTREAM events have gone, so a big thank you to all the team”


Digital Marketing Manager

“Many thanks for the attached and it is just what we want. Looking forward to giving the presentation now.”


Project Director

Healthcare video production

“Hi Brett, I hope you’re good – I am really pleased with the other footage from the awards especially the short edit – thank you!”


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