How to Use Video Effectively on Social Media

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One fantastic way of creating strong brand engagement is to use your video with social media. On most social media platforms video is given high priority and content is pushed out to social media communities via feeds. If you don’t use video, you are missing an opportunity as many social networks make using video ultra-easy for advertisers.

If you have never produced a video before, Capture1 ( can help. We can handle everything including creating the concepts and scripts through managing interviews on your behalf and actually producing a fantastic video using engaging animation or film.

When it comes to marketing your video, we have a wealth of experience and can help you navigate the world of social media.

These days using video is more versatile than simply uploading it onto YouTube. You can develop a well-diversified video strategy which includes large platforms such as Facebook. If you have never used social media before in this way it can be daunting but that’s where Capture1 can help.

What is Your Goal

Initially think about the goals for your video and then explore which networks offer the best route to your market. When considering this it’s worth remembering that social media video is about making a connection and encouraging your social community to share and start a dialogue about your brand.

Ways to use Video in social media

There are three main ways to achieve making a connection with social networks:

Be Educational

Video allows you to entertain your audience whilst giving them useful information. It is a fantastic way of highlighting your expertise in a particular field and emphasising your value. You may do this using a series of tips for example.

Be Inspirational

Social sharing is often inspired when you make an emotional connection. You can achieve this by revealing the human side of your business. Use video to create powerful imagery on what inspires your staff or how your brand innovates. You can also include information about causes and charities that motivate your organisation.

Be Revealing

Social networkers are on social media because of their ego. You can nurture this ego by rewarding loyal followers by sharing certain information. Giving fans a peak behind the scenes will make them feel valued, as if they’ve been offered an exclusive back stage pass. You may offer exclusive access to preparations for a forthcoming event!

The main aim should be to create a perfect balance between entertainment and information. At Capture1 we can help you develop amazing video that creates instant engagement, sharing and dialogue with your audience.

“The video work was imaginative, creative and carried out to high professional standards. Your involvement in this project has contributed to us being successful in winning the development bid.” Simon Hunt, British Council

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