Video and digital content for social media

Using video as part of your businesses social media and online strategy is as critical as using images and words! 

It is far better to have regular, relevant and valuable content for your customers and audience to engage with. Video is one of the most effective ways of doing this.

This is much more than just producing video content; it’s creating a strategy and content with a plan and execution to get you engagement and results.

This can involve using other digital content techniques, such as interactive content, chat bot messaging, lead magnets and video content that provides valuable content for your audience.

The Capture 1 team have extensive knowledge and experience of what can work best for your brand and audience. combine this with our ability to come up with creative ideas to work for your brand and audience, means that we are an ideal production partner to help you drive more traffic online and get more results with social media and advertising. 

At Capture 1 we are proud of the diverse projects we help clients with; we provide a creative approach and a ‘can do’ attitude. 

We will often design and develop the full creative solution for clients, operating a lot like a mini advertisement agency with a creative scope and scripting stage that gets the best ideas on the table for high-impact solutions that grab your customer’s attention.



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We Are Operating In A World Where One Good Video

We have taken all kinds of creative ideas from fruition to end-delivered videos that get used in advertising campaigns and social media strategies. 

The great thing about the Capture 1 approach is it is by no means focussed on the technical deliverables, that is a given. 

We will quickly help you establish a smart strategy to get something that will grab attention, within the realms of budget, time, and resources available. 

We have helped all kinds of businesses, large and small, come up with fun attention grabbing content and then matched the how to create it with the agreed cost and similar essential guidelines.


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We love to learn about businesses and brainstorm ideas!

So if you are considering using video more effectively for your business or would like to make your digital marketing work more effectively then we can offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your strategy and what ideas might work for your business.

Check out some of our varied work over recent projects...