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business tips
Animation Videochat bot marketingCorporate Video

23 things we’ve learnt from 23 years in business……

23 tips for running a business, sales, marketing as well as learning and development to make your business last 23 years.... The Capture 1 marketing agency founders share their learnings from 23 years ...
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How To Use Whatsapp To Grow Your Business
chat bot marketingdigital marketingLatest Work

How to use WhatsApp to grow your business

If we told you we know a brilliant way you can connect with customers and grow your business that doesn’t require anyone to be online at obscene times of day, would you believe ...
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How Will You Get Started With The Power Of Video Today 2 Copy
Animation VideoCorporate Videodigital marketing

How to use video to communicate with clarity and success

Take a look through your internet search history and you’ll probably find a few questions starting with ‘How to’.  Amongst my own recent searches are: – How to fix a dripping coffee machine ...
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How Will You Get Started With The Power Of Video Today
Animation VideoCorporate Videodigital marketing

5 new takes on video content marketing ideas 

ideas for ways to make video work within your marketing. Produce videos that inform, educates, inspires and has impact!
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Independentschool Social 4 01
chat bot marketingdigital marketingEducation marketing

5 untapped benefits of instant chat messaging for education marketing  

Instant chat messaging is not new technology. It’s been around for years yet its potential is untapped, particularly in education sector marketing . Since WhatsApp launched their business service and integration with Facebook, it’s ...
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How You Can Use Instant Message
chat bot marketingdigital marketingEducation marketing

One way that schools and colleges are using chat bot marketing with great success…

The average person receives more than 120 emails every single day. That’s a lot of messages! How many of these do you actually read and respond to? How many automatically drop into your ...
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