How Will You Get Started With The Power Of Video Today

5 new takes on video content marketing ideas 

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how will you get started with the power of video today

There’s no escape from video marketing. Whether you’re visiting a website, browsing your socials or searching Google, there’s always a suggested video that seems to follow you. After a while, you give in and watch.

YouTube is the second most visited website after Google, making it one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms out there. Video content informs, educates , guides and inspires our decisions in life and work. If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your content and increase engagement, this post is for you.   

The rise of YouTube

Sometimes it’s hard to believe YouTube only came into our lives in 2005. It feels like it’s been around forever! For many, YouTube is the go-to site when you need to learn how to do something.

Take our most recent searches of ‘Hoover overheating’, ‘Fix coffee machine leak’ and ‘Clean car interior’ as an example. If we’re looking, there are definitely other people out there searching for answers.

Would any of your products or services lend themselves to a ‘How to’ video?

Appealing to younger video audiences

Video content consumers are getting younger and younger. Popular amongst Gen Z and Millenials, YouTube is also a great way to keep young kids entertained in restaurants!   

According to YouTube, 65% of Gen Z agree that relevant content is more important than content that lots of other people talk about. So how can you create and serve up content that’s relevant to your audience? Here are some ideas.

 1. Change your presenter or presenting style

An unexpected voice or presenting style can engage and captivate your audience.

This idea works well in education marketing. Students enjoy hearing from fellow students who speak their language and have enjoyed similar experiences. Instead of a bland welcome video or campus fly-through, ask current students to give a candid, personality-packed, take on a guided tour. It might include interviews with other students or a frank pep talk based on what they’ve learned.

You can also use this technique for corporate induction videos to share tips, advice and guidance for new recruits. Induction videos are a great way to showcase your company culture and put employees at ease on their first day at work.

Wouldn’t you rather hear from a friendly and welcoming employee than a boring corporate chief executive you probably won’t ever meet?  

  1. Entertain with FAQ videos

Frequently asked questions are essential nuggets of information for prospective clients or customers. Whilst some people prefer to read them online, those with a shorter attention span might enjoy a more fun style of delivery.

How about a quick-fire Q&A, a one-to-one interview, or even a panel style quiz show to get your messages across? All three are more engaging than animation or narrated video. 

  1. Behind the scenes access all areas footage

If we can learn anything from reality TV, it’s that viewers are inherently nosey and love an insight into someone else’s life! Sharing behind the scenes footage makes your viewer feel like they’re getting in on the action and allows them to see something they haven’t seen before. Done correctly, it’s the kind of content that is very shareable and generates high social media engagement.

  1. Make the most of event recordings

How many times have you filmed an event only to wonder what on earth to do with the video afterwards? Since the pandemic, recording events has become very popular. It’s only right for people who miss out to have a means of catching up on what they’ve missed, however static recordings aren’t always the most exciting to watch.

Our experience in live broadcasting and recording events  means we have loads of ideas for editing, reusing and sharing video content. The key is to plan your post-event content before the event to make sure you capture all the footage you need. From soundbites and showreels to interviews and teasers, the possibilities are exciting and endless.

  1. Use video testimonials to profile your ideal customer

Testimonials are valuable however you share them. Video case studies  and testimonials are an engaging alternative to written snippets and bring to life the type of client you want to work with.

If your subject is obliging, you could film a longer interview and break it down into shareable snippets for your socials. Better still, bring a group of employees or customers together to talk about how they feel about your company. It takes a little more planning and management but the results can be very powerful.

Users have grown to trust video

Video is such an important tool in the marketing mix. Consumer trust in video content is at an all-time high, so it’s only right to include it in your communications strategy. For more engaging content ideas or guidance on adding video to your marketing, book a discovery call . What have you got to lose?

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