Guerilla marketing with video

I love guerilla marketing, which is marketing done a little differently. Thinking outside the box, not spending huge amounts of money and making your efforts stand for a lot and ultimately have results. This way of thinking should definitely be employed when producing videos for your business.

So, the way to use Guerilla marketing techniques with your business videos is to plan, plan and plan again! This meansPrezi Training you can be smart and go to your production outfit with not just one idea but a number and get them to do them all at once as a package, thereby saving time and money. For example, you can have a batch of videos shot within the day rather than just one. This means you are maximizing the team, equipment and locations. Same with the post-production you can have it done as a package which is easier for the production team. If you are really smart you can also have numerous videos created from the same footage – thereby maximizing the investment in the footage and really making the most of it! This does require planning with your production team however. It’s not enough to expect the production team to perform miracles with re-working footage that hasn’t been shot with this in mind – they might be good but they are not magicians!


Some people interpret guerilla marketing as ‘do it yourself’! I would say that it depends how much you value your time! When it comes to something specialist like video for your business, it is critical that you still present the right brand messages and guerilla isn’t cheap; it’s smart! Using experts will ensure you get it done right, first time and get maximum value from your investment. ThinkingOpportunities Presentation smartly and being involved in the process will help too. But doing it yourself will likely result in you wasting a huge amount of time, potentially money if you are buying kit and not creating the required end result anyway!

Think Guerilla with your videos and get maximum bang for your buck and numerous ways to use it. With so many communication channels to your customers nowadays; use them all and you are increasing your chances of engagement and success with your videos! For expert advice contact Capture1 ( on 01925 756700 or email us at en*******@ca******.uk.