Better Presenters make Better Presentations!

Ok probably the most obvious thing you have read today! But as with most things that are obvious – how often are they actually practiced?  We make great visual presentations – we craft messages and stories, we create structures that work, we design pretty and powerful slides and images and we stitch it altogether into a lovely, memorable and impressive presentation. But how often does that amazing presentation get delivered by someone who hasn’t invested in their own presenting skills, style or technique? In which case it’s a real shame. Because although they might still be successful with their great presentation – people buy people ultimately – and so if they made sure that THEY were great AS WELL as their presentation – their chances of success would increase significantly!


So many people think they can present but actually have never asked anyone for feedback or honestly appraised their skills in this area. And good presenting is not easy. It is an art, it is also a science and it is a skill that can be practiced and improved. And for business people who invest in becoming better presenters their sales and communication results improve massively.

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There are too many mediocre business presentations delivered. It is not necessary to deliver anything substandard nowadays. There is so much support, training and development out there that anyone who delivers a poor presentation is insulting their audience by wasting their time and energy.


Ultimately a good presentation is about passion, knowing your content and wanting to engage with your audience. And if you have put in the effort and determination to achieve this, chances are you will succeed with a great presentation! Capture1 ( can help you achieve this so give us a call on 01925 756700 today.