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Prezi Presentation Insight Event

Prezi Presentation training event Manchester
Capture 1 Prezi training event Manchester


We hosted a Prezi presentation training event in Manchester last week at the fabulous Lancashire County Cricket Club venue (who were extremely hospitable and helpful, I would highly recommend their venues for any business events you run!).

The aim of the event was to invite some of our most trusted clients, suppliers and contacts to come along and get insight into doing a Prezi presentation and the why use a Prezi presentation instead of a Powerpoint presentation for your next sales, bid, training or company presentation.

We presented a mix of case studies of successful client Prezi presentation we have designed and created. We also showed our unique Presentation bike Prezi presentation – you can have a sneak preview of that here, and we’ll be covering that detail behind that prezi presentation in the next blog post.

The audience were extremely receptive to the ideas covered and explore and the tips and techniques that we demonstrated with the Q and A part of the session lasting nearly 40 minutes!

The main feedback was that they now understand the importance of thinking differently when creating a Prezi presentation. It is not just a jazzed up, funkier version of Powerpoint, there are fundamental differences that you need to understand as the presentation creator in order to create a Prezi presentation that is successful.

If you missed our event and would like to learn more about how Prezi can benefit your business presentations, sales, bids, training or marketing presentations, then contact us. We offer free conference call demonstrations, where we can walk you through how a Prezi presentation can work for you business virtually. Contact us to discuss


Prezi Presentation Event
Capture 1 prezi presentation training event manchester