How to benefit from using actors in your marketing or training videos…..

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Training Videos for Business

It’s not easy to get your video messages to stand out nowadays…whether you are delivering marketing, sales or training messages or wanting to engage people in educational content, not only do you need to be professional but you need to press peoples buttons too and get a return on your investment – which is where using solutions such as a good training video comes in and working with good actors to deliver this.

One of the most effective ways to engage people in content is using drama for your training video – you only have to look at the power of movies and TV drama to see that this medium connects with audiences! But in order to connect you need to have good quality actors, scripting and production values. One of the reasons that businesses don’t use the technique of drama or actors very often is that it can be expensive and also it’s not easy to find skilled production professionals who are able to direct actors and achieve desired results through drama. It’s much easier to shoot a load of shots and lay down a voiceover!

Luckily at Capture 1 we have a specialism in this area of creating a successful training video. Not only are we experienced and extremely skilled in working with actors and creating high quality productions using the genre, but we have an amazing set of actors who we have worked with for many years, meaning we can not only generate great results working with them but we can negotiate favourable rates!

Some of our favourite drama based training video productions have been in a wide range of industries; educating at-risk individuals about hepatitis C, health and safety videos for councils, internal training programmes to be used for sales and operations teams across the business, demonstrating business soft skills and showing comedy ‘wrong ways’ in order to convey a message. There are many ways that drama can be used either in a serious sense or combining humour to convey a business message.

Working with actors requires quite specific training video production skills and experience. The script has to be refined and written well. Shots need to be storyboarded and planned out. Costumes, props and locations need to be considered. And of course talented actors need to be cast. Meticulous planning needs to take place prior to filming in order to keep your budget down and film all the required scenes, to a high standard within the schedule that has been budgeted for. Post-production on a drama should not actually be too difficult if all the planning and filming has been done as it should have been.

In my opinion the best areas that benefit from this type of genre for their video messages are internal communications and training, educating customers in systems or processes or providing free information to help the prospect or customer.

If you have an idea for how this type of video production could help your organisation please contact us…..

So for some examples of how this works….you know at Capture 1 we love a funny, so grab a cuppa and have a chuckle again to these classic business training video…….