How to make a music video for a World Cup….

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world cup 2018

8 years ago in 2010 we were asked to make a music video for a World cup song being released by Real radio (now Heart FM) – the song was a collaboration between the 2 Breakfast Dj’s Ditchy and Salty and Nathan Moore from 80’s Brother Beyond Stardom!

Given the world cup fever and excitement this week we thought we’d share the video again and what we learnt from making the video with these fantastic guys…

1/ Blackpool promenade is the best place on the plant for blow up comedy props and the biggest footballs you can find!

2/ If in doubt contact local dance groups and include pom poms!

3/ Use the power of a video camera to get some free rides at Blackpool pleasure beach!

4/ A beach is a great place for re-enacting spectacular football tricks and goals!

5/ Any visual outside the Rover Return on Coronation Street for anything English always works!

And finally, love football or hate football, there is nothing like a world cup to bring people together and bring unity and positive vibes. At the end off the day there is a lot of misery in the world, and in England everyday someone is moaning about the government, moaning about the NHS or moaning about the weather; and after tonight we might all be moaning about the football again; but until then let’s not moan, lets enjoy the thrill and excitement and the celebration together; because how often do people unite in such a joyful way?! Enjoy the match!!