Which is better for your Business? One £12,000 video or Twelve £1,000 videos?

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Which is better for your business? One x £12,000 video or Twelve x £1,000 videos – both have their merits and we can help with both. But understand there is a difference……

A £12,000 video is going to have serious quality about it. You are spending big bucks on this video likely because (or it should be because)….

1/ You have a REALLY important message to communicate – if you have one succinct message to get across and you need it doing with quality and creative flair then spending all of your budget on one piece of video is worth it. You need the video mohave an impact. You have one main message to get across, so concentrate on the one video and make it count!

2/ You have a lot that needs filming, have complex graphic and effects needs or the film need actors, drama, sets and other elements that add to the video budget – in this case then it is best to accept that these aspects are going to make your video what it needs to be; spend on quality elements and know it will help to get across your messages more effectively.

3/ You have a specific event or situation that the video is needed for and the quality of the video will make or break the event or launch. So this might be a conference, a training event for staff or customers, a launch event or an important company presentation. At the end of the day if something is on the big screen you don’t want to have scrimpted!

On the other hand; Twelve £1,000 videos might represent much better value for your business. This could be because…..

1/ You need to have regular content to post on your website and social media – you know that video engages way more effectively than images and text alone and using a series of videos ir the most effective way to generate engagement.

2/ You have messages that are repeatable and so can use your videos again and again and repurpose them for your website, social media, email campaigns and other marketing requirements for your business.

3/ You want to engage your audience in you / your people and that is more important than high end visual sequences. In this case more standard filming will suffice and is far more cost effective. I am not talking about mobile phone video, although that does sometimes work, I am talking about professionally produced video that is focused on people and messages and therefore much more cost effective to produce.

4/ You have content that can be produced as a ‘batch’. This means you could’ve a studio type set up and have a series of videos created that are all filmed and edited during one session, making it infinitely more cost effective.

5/ You have a tight turnaround requirement or event that just needs capturing as having some video is better than having none!

Whichever of the options above is right for your business we can help, so contact us today to discuss your video production requirements and we can help with the best recommendations