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Virtalis are a leading company providing virtual reality solutions all over the world. They provide 3d virtual reality equipment software and engineering support solutions and operate globally in markets including Europe, America, Africa, Asia. They support businesses at the cutting edge of science and engineering with their total 3d virtual reality solutions.

Virtual reality is at the cutting edge of engineering collaboration and is allowing manufacturers to prototype products and processes completely in the virtual environment. This now also extends to phenomenal sized data and projects.The work Virtalis achieve is extremely exciting and provides a fascinating insight into a wealth of businesses and technologies.

We have been working with Virtalis for the last couple of years and provide a regular filming and video presentation service, whereby we create case study videos, we film with their clients and do product demonstration videos for them. They can use the videos we create for them as promotional and marketing assets. They also embed them into presentations and can use within pitches, bids and for exhibitions and displays.

With their product offering being extremely visual, using high quality video to demonstrate the success of their products and services is ideal.

Recently we have been filming with them at the British Geological Survey, where they were involved in amalgamating huge chunks of survey data from different sources into one virtual world environment, of which the accuracy is phenomenal. It is all all about visualising the data and is an amazing process to witness. The amount of varied data that can be pulled together into one environment is incredible.

See what Managing Director, David Cockburn-Price thinks about how important what we do for them is:

Here are some examples of the Virtalis videos we have created:

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