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9 reasons why an induction video is a good investment for your business…

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9 Reasons why an induction video is a good investment for your business….

…and the three types of induction videos you can benefit from –

The term induction video is not the most exciting when it comes investing in the future success of your business; it’s not a flashy advert, or a fun social media video; but it could be one of the best investments you make in your communications strategies.

Staff – How many times have you had a bad experience with a business as a direct result of staff not being trained effectively or not operating within the businesses values, ethos or being a motivated part of the team? Having staff properly inducted or trained at the point they join the business should not be underestimated for this reason.

Operations – Practical induction, health and safety and operations are all inductions that usually happen within a business but not always as effectively as they might; resulting in costly mistakes or worse.

Customers – A customer induction video is often a great way to save a business money, time and resources; with not having to deal with constant product or service queries because customers can be more knowledgable from the start in the operation or understanding of their purchase.

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Induction videos make great business sense for all these three areas. Here’s why:

1/ You can say a lot of less time (than text and talking) The nature of a video production is you can tell a story and be far more engaging and so get your messages across far more effectively and quickly. Everyone is used to watching TV and having information conveyed to them in that format, so using this same format for induction and training engages in people in the messages far more successfully than if you do it as a presentation or a handout.

2/ You convey a consistent message and have control over the messaging that everyone gets. You know what is being conveyed to them. You can also have proof tat people have watched dit if you broadcast online in a certain way (where you get technical confirmation of the viewing)

3/ You can use it at multi sites and even in different countries and know that people who are in different parts of the business physically, are still getting the same messages.

4/ For customers you can also include other marketing and branding messages that make the experience of working with your company stronger and more memorable.

5/ It conveys a strong sense of your brand and mission; whether induction video for customers or staff; they feel part of something; and human beings love to be part of a group!

6/ It will have longevity. Once you have invested in the production it will work for you for a long time to come!

7/ You can explain so much more visually – you can use animations, simulations, diagrams, infographics and you can also show people visuals and sequences of important aspects that they may not be able to see physically (such as other sites or the inner workings of something). This results in better communication and end result.

8/ You can convey ‘hearts and minds’ with video in a way that you cannot in other ways. This can be effective with an induction video as it gets the viewer on board with why the messages and training is important to them and the impact it can have.

9/ Your competitors probably aren’t doing it. Despite video production being much more common in businesses nowadays, training and induction video still doesn’t get used as much as it should, which means that its an easy way to be better than your competition! Whether that’s directly with the information you are providing your customer through customer induction or information videos or by providing better training and procedures to your staff, resulting in a better customer experience and more efficient operations.

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