College Promotional Video

How schools and colleges are using video to attract new students….

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college promotional video

Video is an essential part of the content marketing mix now and with parents involving young people in their decisions about their future more than ever before then schools and colleges need to be using video to attract young people to their establishment and highlight the opportunities available to students.

At Capture 1 we have been producing video content for further education colleges, schools, independent  schools and universities for 20 years and so know a thing or two about what works for you when using marketing videos to promote to potential students and their parents…..

college promotional video

So here are 5 ways you can win at using video for your school or college –

1/ Create more videos that are shorter…rather than creating one long video that everyone watches, create several short videos that are each targeted at different audiences; one at students, one at parents for example. Evidence proves that video is far more effective when it is short and targeted, so better to structure your video content in this way.  It also gives you more content to use in more ways!

2/ Use students to front your videos…..young people like to see other young people they can aspire to or relate to. So if you can use your own students it will be far more effective for you. You can use them as soundbites but even better to get them to present some videos for you.

3/ If you are creating content targeted at parents then its good to use teachers / staff in these videos. Again they will be looking at the standard of teaching and staff and so will relate more to this type of content.

4/ Section video content into areas of interest or genres. Again it provides you with more content for social media and people are more likely to watch a series of videos than one long film.

5/ Share your video content on all the channels you can to get maximum return on investment; as well as all social media channels,m use it on shots, in reception and public areas on site and at exhibitions, open evenings and events.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you with the production of video content for your school or college please contact us we would love to have a chat…..