What does the term Corporate Video mean in todays world of Web Video?

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Corporate Video Production

15 years ago the term ‘corporate video’ was a well used term within a businesses marketing and communication strategy – many large and medium sized companies had a corporate video produced because it was the ‘thing to do’ and it could be used to good effect for branding, presentations, exhibitions or events and new staff or recruitment sessions.

Nowadays, a corporate video production can seem like an old fashioned phrase when placed along all its equivalent variations such as web video, video case studies, viral videos, business videos and video for social media. But really, it’s all semantics; they are all just terms that essentially mean the same thing. And businesses are still using the traditional corporate video, just with better results and delivery platforms because it is easier for them to share and get value from it in so many ways, because consuming video is a normal part of everyday business life and so easy to access now.

Therefore, many serious SMEs and blue-chip organisations still champion the concept. Lets face it, if you are part of a group of companies with many different divisions, an overview video that provides information about the company (which is often what a clients objective is) helps to know what those divisions are. What’s more, if you are in the communications team trying to share the headlines about the business vision, ethos and drivers then you are looking for ways you can do that more quickly, effectively and successfully.

For example a general corporate video can be extremely useful for internal conferences and events, industry event presentations, situations when you are briefing agencies, reporters and industry magazine editors and also if you are generally trying to achieve staff, management, suppliers and customers being on the same hymn sheet. As much as we always try and encourage clients to be as focused on their messages and audiences as possible, often businesses need this ‘catch all’ audiences, generic brand message video about the business, introducing the values that underpin and what the company stands for.

The big difference between the traditional corporate video and todays version is generally that we now encourage them to be shorter or more chunked up. Audiences have less time and our attention is pulled in many more directions nowadays, so we need to focus our audiences and deliver more powerful messages in less time. We generally recommend 2-3 minutes as opposed to the traditional 10 -15 minutes that once graced VHS and DVD (VHS, does anyone remember that one?) And if there is more to be said we create sections. Audiences are more likely to watch 5 x 2 minute videos, separately and requiring them to click on each one, than sit through one 10 minute piece.

In short, we find that our clients agree that quality corporate video better positions their business with their target market(s). It is a great way to enhance branding and stature with staff, customers, stakeholders and the industry, whilst also helping to enhance websites and social media presence. Considering it also costs about a quarter of what it cost 15 years ago, it’s a no brainer for a business to invest in.

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