The Powerpoint rap – watch this before your next powerpoint presentation……


Powerpoint Presentations for your Business

The above is a perfect example of what not to do in your next Powerpoint presentation! It exemplifies why the phrase ‘death by powerpoint’ is all too often used in the world of business when it comes to discussion a powerpoint presentation!

So what can you do differently – I think the video makes it pretty clear that there are alternatives to the kind of Powerpoint presentation that most people do!! Here are our thoughts on a  few things you can do differently….

1/ Not use powerpoint at all…maybe even don’t use slides!! Often the most engaging presentations are when you can connect with the speaker themselves 0 this requires careful learning, rehearsal and confidence, but can be a lot more effective than falling back on a bog standard Powerpoint Presentation that impresses no-one!

2/ Hire a professional to create your Powerpoint presentation – that doesn’t mean necessarily hiring a graphic designer and asking them to do pretty slides. It means hiring a presentation specialist (like us!) someone who is an expert in what a successful presentation is made up of – the structure, messages and content – and then the design! The investment is worth it – to just for a one off presentation but as something your company can use again and again!

3/ Use Prezi! Prezi is a much more dynamic alternative to a Powerpoint presentation and the nature of it forces the creator to be more creative and therefore is better remembered than a bog standard powerpoint presentation! For more information on Prezi presentations see here