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At Capture 1 we have created a new verb – Prezi-fy! Ok I don’t think it will make it into the Oxford English Dictionary, but never the less it describes perfectly what we do when we take a PowerPoint presentation and make it more dynamic, memorable and have far greater impact!

The first and most important point however is that if you have a bad PowerPoint presentation, you cannot just simply make it brilliant by sticking it in Prezi! That’s like saying if you have a car with a duff engine, but you paint the bonnet it will work again! If you haven’t created a presentation with good structure, messages and with your audience in mind then no amount of Prezi-fying will do any good!

(By the way if you are not sure if your PowerPoint has a good structure or is communicating your messages effectively, why not ask us for our free no-obligation presentation assessment. We will look at your presentation and feedback what works and doesn’t work and recommendations for improvements.)

So back to Prezi-fying; if you are confident that your presentation has your messages and structure right but you just want it to have that additional wow factor and be a bit more memorable then you can quite easily Prezi-fy it!

First of all you need to sign up with a free account with Then you go to start a new Prezi and choose the option to import your slides form PowerPoint. Before you do this action you need to consider what visual format you want to present your slides in. With Prezi, you might want to consider having a ‘big picture’ which conveys your overall message, visual image or logo, and place your slides into that. Alternatively you could come up with a structure, timeline, info-graphic or even photo which your slides go into.

To make sense of this see some example Prezi’s here:

Once you have chosen your big picture and how you want your PowerPoint slides to be structured you need to import them in, move them to the right position and size within the canvas and then create your journey or Prezi ‘path’ through them. This is the route you will take your audience on through your presentation. Don’t go to mad with zooms and spins – the biggest criticism of Prezi is making people feel sick. You want to WOW people not cause disorientation!

Importing PowerPoint slides into Prezi, and having a really good presentation result from it is more than just using the import function and hoping for the best. Like anything the end result needs to be carefully thought out, planned and executed skilfully. It cannot be done in a bish bash bosh job! Using a bad presentation can be at worst damaging at best forgettable. So it is worth investing the time and energy in getting it right.

If you want to learn how to do it well, come to our open course and learn about how you can use Prezi efficiently and successfully……we’ll show you how to import from PowerPoint as well as a whole load of other useful skills and techniques….

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