How to be personable on your business video…..

Video Production for Business

We often get asked when making promotional videos, marketing videos or company videos to feature the people from the business; these may be senior business owners right down to front line staff. The critical thing is to help people to come across as authentic and real. There is nothing worse in a business video than a person who is stiff, uncomfortable and reciting a script in monotone! More important than what you say, is how you say it. This is the same in any form of communication and its the same on a video.

If someone is not a professional presenter we always advise that instead of reciting a script, they know the gist of what they want to communicate and we then encourage them to deliver the key points in a relaxed and authentic manner. With clever editing this makes for a more engaging viewing experience.

Some key tips if you or any of your staff are going to be on camera:

1/ Know your content; the more you know your subject matter and what the objective is for you appearing on camera then the better you will deliver it.

2/ Prepare but don’t memorise a script. Know what you want to say but don’t worry about the exact wording and order. A good production team will tease this out of you int he right way.

3/ Wear something you feel comfortable in; obviously it is important to accurately reflect the appropriate image that is required, but make sure you feel confident and comfortable too.

4/ Have some water to hand.

5/ Have a chat with the production team beforehand. A good camera person and producer will help you to feel comfortable beforehand by getting to know you and having a chat. This will help you feel more comfortable with them and see they are there to help you look your best.

6/ Ask for their feedback. As video producers we know what works and what can be improved and we often have great ideas on how to do it, so defer to our professional experience.

7/ Enjoy yourself; this will come across on camera and people like people who are relaxed, who smile and who come across as nice people. That is more important than coming across as ‘right’!

Check out this example of a great supplier and client of Capture 1 and how fantastically authentic and personable she is, it makes me want to buy from her, doesn’t it you?…..