digital marketing specialist for education

Are you .

Would you like to recruit more students, get more people to your open days, and generate more applications from ideal students?

We can help you to….

  •  recruit more of the right students
  • make the most of open days – higher registrations, increase attendance, better follow ups and more conversions.
  • track and maximise leads and data / do effective follow up’s on leads
  • get more engagement from your social media activity
  • Give your team more time, reduce their workload and stress

Good digital marketing for your school or college will result in –

A boost in admissions

A rise in website traffic and open event attendance.

Increased Awareness, resulting in more enquiries.

Increase the number of parents that recognise and trust the school.

Better return on investment from paid advertising and marketing activity.

Higher attendance at open days.

Better follow through rate & applications.

Our specialist team has over 20-years experience working in the education sector and our knowledge and expertise on creating, using and leveraging digital content. So if we work with you we can help you to make better use of your marketing budgets and achieve better results from your digital marketing.

What tools do we use to help you to achieve this?

digital marketing strategy

With so many channels, platforms and tools you can use within the digital marketing mix, we can help you with the right ideas, plan and strategy to get maximum return on time and money investment.

Start seeing the impact that the right advertising and digital content can have your school or college!

We are here for the marketing strategies that you dream of – but don’t have time for…

We don’t just help you get started, we stay and continue to work with you to ensure you stay on track.

We can help you with the heavy load of content production or guide and steer your team so they can do it themselves. However you want to work, you will have the peace of mind that we will support your team, to ensure your marketing plan is not just on paper, but is realistic, executed and successful!

We help you establish your social media marketing strategies to help you not only attract more students, and engage with your current audiences, but to convert that interest into registrations, sales and student enrolments. So stop just posting on social media and start using social media to help you.

We help you to plan video and photography content that can be re-purposed, re-used and generate maximum return from the time, cost and work taken to create it.

Instant chat marketing

New student recruitment funnel .

Would you like to know how your team could be making better use of technology for event registrations to get a pipeline of engaged potential students? 

What would it mean for you to be able to capture students & parents details and send them regular, value rich content in a way that is – 

  • GDPR compliant 
  • relevant to their current interests 
  • Makes them want your college as their no. 1 choice! 

Your team can spend energy responding to the results of inbound marketing, allowing them to focus on enquiries that are most likely to reap the best results..

  • visibility 
  • Brand recognition and awareness
  • New student applications in the areas you want. 

If you want to be leading the way with innovative marketing, that engages target students & their parents in their language. And uses the tools that they are used to engaging with then we can help you.

We can – 

  • Create automated registration flows for Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp (the three most downloaded & used apps in the world!) 
  • Make it easier to register for your open events & encourage more registrations.
  • Provide reminder notifications & useful information prior to the event via channels that get read (no more sitting in email junk folders!) 
  • Provide an opportunity for follow up messages to provide further targeted information.
  • Provide a call to action & get feedback. 
  • Result in subscribers wanting to receive value added content from you; such as revision tips or relevant video messages from tutors. 
  • Be able to utilise video messages within these communication flows to provide added value to their open day visit & position your college as their first choice. 

All of this will result in more registrations, attendance, engagement after the event & better conversions of good quality student applications. 

We can also create inbound marketing strategies such as quizzes, free downloads & digital content that result in:

  • more enquiries from potential students who are a great fit for your college
  • Better social media engagement 
  • Better brand awareness, making your college recognisable & desirable with your target students. 

We can integrate video, photography and media content & provide communication channels that are seamless, professional & rich with content. 

Using Instant messaging strategies, we can help you to plan, strategize and create digital marketing content that will engage and convert your target customer.

Work with us and you will get…..

  • Get better social media engagement for your college or school and your open events; increasing awareness and creating a funnel of target students and families without relying on the Facebook algorithms to deliver updates (or not!)
  • Reduced social ad spend – use Facebook ads, more effectively and more cheaply and get data to be able to be used to target ideal families.
  • Get more leads using social media and convert them; create raving fans and build a loyal and engaged following on and off the social media platforms – using Messenger, Whatsapp and email as a far more effective form of communication.
  • Create lead magnets such as quizzes and fun content which have perceived value with families and result in bringing your target family into the funnel and engages them with your brand.

You will get measurable results, valuable data, engagement and conversions WITHOUT costing your team time, resources or headaches! 

Other colleges in your area will be questioning how you are generating such good results ( so start doing this before they do!!) 

 Talk to us about how you can use this for your next open day event and skyrocket your marketing for next year! 

drone photography and video production

Have . be memorable

Having good quality video is an essential part of marketing and communications; whether it’s a promotional video, drone footage, 3d virtual tours, messages from staff, video testimonials from students; ideas for what you can do and how you can use video as part of your marketing strategy are endless.

We can help you craft the right ideas and produce the right results.

education marketing quiz

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