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business tips

23 things we’ve learnt from 23 years in business……

23 tips for running a business, sales, marketing as well as learning and development to make your business last 23 years….

The Capture 1 marketing agency founders share their learnings from 23 years in business….with tips for business, sales and marketing as well as the importance of learning and development. Whether you are in your first year of business or a seasoned business there will be some helpful business tips for you….

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How You Can Use Instant Message

One way that schools and colleges are using chat bot marketing with great success…

The average person receives more than 120 emails every single day. That’s a lot of messages! How many of these do you actually read and respond to? How many automatically drop into your spam or junk folders?

Email overload is why instant chat marketing has such high success rates amongst schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations. As specialists in digital marketing for education , we’ve had some brilliant results using instant messaging with WhatsApp. In our experience it’s a powerful yet underused tool for student recruitment and attraction, and in particular managing open day events.

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