How to use video to demonstrate social proof

In Cialdini’s brilliant book ‘The Power to Influence’ one of the key points of influence that he says is critical in any sales situation is the power of social proof. Meaning that if other people say your product or service is good then they are more likely to buy too. Look at the raging successes of sites such as Trip Advisor, Which and GoodReads (and thousands more!) these businesses are built on this factor!

Depending on what your business and sector is, schools prezi training it might be easy or difficult to use social proof to your advantage. But regardless, one thing you can definitely do is use video to demonstrate the social proof of your product or service.

Many businesses have written testimonials on their websites, but who knows if they are real? And customers are both savvy and cynical nowadays. They know that a written testimonial might be exaggerated. But if they see a real customer talking on camera about how great you are – you can’t argue with that can you?  If you see happy customers using your products and services, if you see your business in action, if you show the results of your customer’s interaction with your business then people can’t fail to believe in the power of what you are selling them – and want some themselves!



So, use the power of video as social proof in your business and notice the impact you have in your marketing, on your social media platforms and in your sales presentations, I guarantee you will have a greater ability to persuade and influence people to buy! Contact Capture1( today at en*******@ca******.uk for some expert advice.