The difference a good (or bad!) presentation can make….

Business Presentations – From the good to the bad

It never ceases to amaze me how little time, preparation and creative effort people put into their presentations – especially when they are pitching for new business, trying to engage employees or deliver training. If you are going to use visual aids then make them count! Too many people still do it because they think they should or because convention says they do. But then all they know how to do is list out their bullet points, in the most long winded way possible and if you are lucky add a couple of pictures or even graphs!
Have you ever considered how much weight is on your presentation itself, in terms of how you are judged. Sure it is really important for you to connect as a person, to deliver high calibre information and to deliver that well through your own words and body language. And it is vital to interact with your audience successfully. But if you do this and then just click through a seemingly endless deck of uninspiring bullet points, then what will they remember? They won’t remember being inspired, excited or motivated. And they won’t remember your message.

So think differently, think visually, think about your message and how best to deliver it and see the difference it can make, A good (or bad) presentation really can be a deal breaker!

See an example here of how to transform slides to a presentation that wows….

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