14 years on……

Happy birthday to us!

Here at Capture 1 we recently celebrated our 14th business birthday. Since incorporation in August 2000 we have chalked up tens of thousands of hours worth of footage, hundreds of projects and many satisfied clients. We were therefore musing on how business and especially technology has changed so much in just 14 years. I recently read a statistic which said that in 2015 the people of the world will take more photos in the one year that have been taken in the whole of time previous to that year! I found that astonishing! It got us thinking back to when we started 14 years ago and we were duplicating VHS tapes!

Our very first editing suite was one of the first Apple mac G4 tower computers and the sales person told us it was the most powerful computer on the market at the time, with enough power to launch a missile! He clearly did a good sales job on us – how accurate his patter was I’m not so sure! That computer had a tiny hard drive and speed compared to what we use nowadays. We used to have to leave editing effects rendering overnight – whereas now they take seconds to render!!

In the time since then our filming cameras have got smaller and more portable, whilst at the same time increasing resolution and quality. Computers are faster and more effective. Internet speed has made discs redundant. It also means clients can view projects more quickly and easily. This enables projects to be turned round more quickly and successfully.

What we have found to be critical during this time of ever changing and ever improving quality is not to take it for granted and rely to much on the capabilities of technology itself. Just because technology is better it doesn’t mean that you can automatically have a video, film, presentation or piece of media that automatically works without having some fundamental skill, talent, hard work and creativity in the mix. Just because people can film stuff on their iPhones does’t mean they have a great video. You still need to plan, structure, be creative and skilled in order to produce something that stands out in the crowd of content out there.

We have experienced so much in the last 14 years of filming all over the country and world and have met the most amazing people, got to know incredible and interesting businesses and helped all kinds of businesses and organisations and we look forward to continuing our adventure……who knows what we’ll be saying about our current computers in 10 years time!!

Oh and if you are interested, the original Capture 1 Apple Mac still works! It is our museum piece!!