5 reasons to use Prezi:

Using Prezi for your Presentation

1/ Prezi is more visual, more dynamic and results in a much higher impact presentation. The Prezi environment encourages this and we teach your teams to be able to deliver this, quickly and easily.

2/ Once your template assets are created and in place, a Prezi presentation is quicker to build and make slick than Powerpoint.

3/ Prezi is massively flexible in terms of delivery. Presentations can be readily shared online; both live and archived. They can be downloaded to anywhere as they are saved on server space. They will play on any device without requirement for software. This includes Apple devices, ipad and iphones, with the use of a free app.

4/ PDFs are easily created for handout and provide further easy sharing and updating opportunities.

5/ Prezi is also very good at helping demonstrate processes, detail and a big picture view. This means that you can convince people of your process and systems strengths more easily and clearly.


Click below to view an example of Prezi:

Prezi for your Presentation