Need a solution to the logistical headache of gym induction provision?

Reduce costs time liabilities

If you have an unmanned  gym as part of a building, residential development or office site, then you need an induction video to ensure that staff or members / users are safe in the use of the equipment offered to them.

We provide bespoke Gym Induction Videos to solve your problem of safely introducing users to the equipment and reducing your liabilities.

Gym inductions using the old method of getting groups of individuals together and having an instructor show them how to use the equipment in the gym are very time consuming and ultimately expensive.

We can easily create you a professional gym induction video for your site using our expert PT and presenter, Michael White.

We visit your facility, anywhere in the UK and Ireland (and parts of Europe).

Our experienced presenter and fitness instructor presents the induction and introduces your brand, building and the video content. 

In the video we show and describe exactly how adjust each piece of kit in a safe and controlled manor and the movements required to safely use it.

A closing feature where we thank people for watching. This can include fire exit locations and gym etiquette posters and so on.

New gym users are emailed the video or a link to it from wherever you have it stored, youtube channels, Vimeo or some even use the videos on their website as they give a great walk around the facility.

Users sign to say that they have watched and understood the content and that they exercise at their own risk.

Crucially you then have an additional layer of protection against individuals using the gym in an unsafe manor and potentially injuring themselves.


Induction videos are effective in that they can communicate concisely and effectively key messages; making it visual means it is clear and using an expert presenter gives you a credibility and is good for your branding. 

Contact us to discuss our gym induction video solution for your site or facility.

induction videos

Residents and gym members will appreciate the insights and the reassurance that they know how to use the key bits of kit. What’s more you cover yourselves much more thoroughly by having professional guidance that you request that they watch before using your facilities.

Unmanned/unstaffed/unsupervised Gym facilities are a growing popular option in providing attractive living accommodation – but of course with this comes the risk of safe and proper use of that facility so that injuries and equipment damage are avoided.

We have a great and well equipped team, including a qualified Gym instructor to present on camera the correct techniques on all key equipment.

This means we can guarantee the right advice and information will be presented in the end video with minimum preparation and hassle to the accommodation owners/managers.

We are also able to do this entire solution at very affordable and competitive rates.

We generally only need to arrange access to the gym for 2 to 4 hours depending on size and we can simply produce the end video from there.

Please see an example of our work via the link below. We would love to discuss how this solution might support your needs.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss this further and the best way to contact you about this,

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