I don’t give Presentations!

Professional Presentations

Many professional people don’t think about the amount of times in their work life that good communication is critical to their success. They tell themselves and others  “I don’t give presentations” and so assume that they don’t need to improve their communication or information delivery skills because it’s ‘not what I do’. But a good proportion of these people do actually have many moments in both their working and personal lives where they need to communicate ideas, information or facts, persuade or influence people or simply talk to one or a group of people. Yes they may not been in a conference room with Powerpoint on their computer, but they still need to communicate effectively, engage and influence all the same.

Taking this into account, we need to expand our thinking about what constitutes a “presentation.” Presentations come in many more varieties than the formal situation that usually comes to mind. In many capacities and in different settings, we are called upon to share our ideas and beliefs with others. Here are a few examples of when you actually are presenting, some are obvious, others you may not have previously considered as ‘presentations’ but they actually involve engaging people and delivering information:




1. Giving a Sales presentation

2. Launching a new product

3. Giving a safety briefing at work

4. Motivating change

5. Training people to use a new software

6. Unveiling your proposal for a new plan

7. Reporting your quarter sales results

8. Pitching your ideas at a board meeting

9.  Calming angry employees

10. Facilitating a discussion

11. Instilling confidence in customers

12. Reassuring stakeholders

13. Delivering orientations to new employees

14. Introducing a speaker

15. Accepting an Award

16. Convincing people to vote for you

17. Soliciting Donations for a charity

18. Describing an event

19. Changing attitudes

20. Articulating your vision

21. Persuading prospects to buy

22. Promoting your brand

23. Positioning your service or product

24. Arousing interest in a new product

25. Asking for a promotion

26. Explaining how something works

27. Attracting Investors to your business

28. Conducting a meeting

29. Stating your point of view at a meeting

30. Negotiating a deal

31. Apologizing for a mistake

32. Telling a story

33. Honouring someone

34. Entertaining an after dinner crowd

35. Eulogizing the deceased

36. Toasting a bride and groom

The common thread running through these seemingly diverse activities is an effort on the part of one person to communicate information to others. When you think of presentations this way, you’ll discover many more situations where clear organization, co

mpelling language and effective delivery can contribute to your success. Barristers don’t typically describe what they do in the courtroom as speaking or presenting. Yet every time they try to convince a judge or a jury, they are presenting. Make no mistake about it: presentations in some form are an inevitable part of your life, just like death and taxes. Ignore them at your own peril.

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