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Are you are . and attract families?

Do you need to sell tickets, attract families, manage kids activities and get a better return on your marketing and advertising activities?

 The attractions and events market is crowded, parents have lots of choice as to how to spend their precious leisure time with their kids; and more so, how they choose to spend their limited disposable income. So you need to get in front of them and stay in front of them!

 We can help you to stand out with your event marketing; increase engagement before, during and after your event; get better attendance and increase customer spend per head.

It’s not enough nowadays to put an event up on social media, have a ticket platform and confirmation email and expect it to be good enough. If you really want to succeed with your event then you need to be doing better communication with customers, before, during and after your event.

 You need to be using something more than a standard ticket system and a confirmation email.

We can help you  –

  • Get better ROI on advertising spend and social media; resulting in ticket sales
  • Convert more potential customers into actual customers
  • Increase customer spend per head
  • Increase event efficiencies by better communication with visitors, using channels that they will access more readily, not just email.
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction by you having great communication systems in place; being helpful and relevant to your customer and so ensuring they have the best possible customer experience and become raving fans.
  • Provide post event communication with customers that is relevant and results in loyalty and repeat custom, allowing you to reduce your advertising spend by having to target brand new customers; and getting more engagement from previous customers.

We do this by creating instant chat funnels that are automated, engaging and provide relevant and useful information to users using push notifications, in a way that gets noticed and read.

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visitor attraction marketing
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How can instant chat marketing work for you?

destination marketing

If you adopt an event registration system using instant messenger technology, you can… 

  • Use a registration process which is easy for the user and uses technology that they are familiar with.
  • Allows to provide communication that develops a relationship with the user, provides useful information (reminders, event logistics information, follow up information)
  • Allows that user to be part of a marketing communication process where you can send them follow up information of value and therefore develop the relationship and brand loyalty further and increase chances of conversion.
  • Provide data for you to use to better inform your communications with customers and increase conversion rates.
  • Allow for targeted messaging with respect activities, age groups and value information to suit their area of enquiry.

Talk to us about how we can enable you to do this….it will transform the way you run events.

Social media content to grow your audience

We can create inbound marketing strategies such as quizzes, free downloads & digital content that result in:

  • New customers
  • Repeat business from current customers
  • Better brand awareness, making your attraction or event recognisable & desirable with your target families.

Work with us and you will get…..

  • Get better social media engagement for your events and activities – thereby selling more tickets, increasing awareness and creating a funnel of target customers without relying on the Facebook algorithms to deliver updates (or not!)
  • Reduced social ad spend – use Facebook ads ,more effectively and more cheaply and get data to be able to be used to target potential customers who are like your current customers.
  • Get more leads using social media and convert them; create raving fans and build a loyal and engaged following on and off the social media platforms – using Messenger, Whatsapp and email as a far more effective form of communication.
  • Create lead magnets such as quizzes and fun content which have perceived value with your customer that brings your target customer into your funnel and engages them with your brand prior to the offer – this makes getting leads cheaper and builds a more engaged following that are therefore easier to sell to (and repeat sell to)