How can you use the theory of Marginal Gains to benefit your team and business?

You are no doubt aware of the Marginal Gains theory that has gained popularity since the British Sky Cycling Team has experienced its great success over recent years and this being hailed as a result of Performance Director, Dave Brailsford’s much quoted and practiced theories of “The aggregation of marginal gains.”

We used this motivational theory as a theme to help a client better communicate with and motivate their team, significantly enhancing their business success as a result.

Motivational Event Video

See below for the motivational event video that we created on the Marginal Gains theory and the Marginal Gains Prezi.

Marginal Gains is not the only motivational theory out there! If you have an event or presentation where you need to wow your audience and communicate messages in a way they will remember, contact us and we will do what we are good at and come up with ideas to work for you…..