digital pass for venues and attractions

Discover what your own digital pass can do .

Did you know you can provide your event attendees with a digital pass which will allow you to communicate key information to them before, during and after your event that will get 80% more engagement than your current communication methods.

This means that you can do so much more, offer to much more and achieve so much more!

Having a digital pass available for your event visitors, allows them to have all the information they need at their fingers tips and you can deliver instant push notifications to help them in advance of the events.

It also gives you valuable data and insights and is a brilliant ongoing marketing tool which is completely GDRP compliant.

Additionally you can encourage visitors to use their pass as a store card; incentivise them to load money onto spend at your venue, increasing positive cashflow, guaranteeing and increasing the value of spend per head.

It’s like having your own app, but at a fraction of the cost and far easier, more efficient and with better systems behind it.



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Digital gift card

Create a digital pass for your venue or attraction which can also be used as a digital gift card. This allows customers to top up money on their card to spend at your venue and get special deals as a result. Also can be used as a gift card so a great last minute and instant gift to a family member or friend.

The digital pass (with or without gift card element) can also provide your customer with regular helpful information – 

  • about their visit
  • new and upcoming offers and activities
  • easy links to information to help them on their visit
  • other features and offers that are relevant to them.

Messages can be delivered to pass holders via push notifications on their phone and therefore have a higher rate of engagement with the customer than email.

The gift card element allows for an immediate positive cash injection into your business, prior to the customer visiting.

You can provide incentives for customers to put money on the card and receive discounts or cash back. You can also incentivise to buy gift cards for friends and family this way; and also providing a great gift solution.


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